Reviews for "Sim Apocalypse"

It's SORT OF idle... Because you just look at it to know what's happening. But it doesn't happen very fast or in a very interesting way...

I was so sad when I noticed the rate of humans dying became something like 10000x slower once it reached 500 million. How long before it ends now?

Same deal as darkmatt93: Currently at day 150, 5k in weapons, over 1k in food, about 90 companions, and my health hasn't taken a single dent for a long time. Enemy attacks are infrequent now and I've never come up against any problems with food. I suggest that the enemies start doing A LOT more damage in the later stages to compensate.

Premise reminds me quite about Battleground Legends, but there you would eventually die. Here though, it seems possible to subset for a long time. Perhaps ratchet up the attack frequency as the global human population drops?

This is a top tier idler. Get on my horse<---search here on Newgrounds movies (awesome). Nordenfelt gun<---search the web (awesome). Nerf gun<---search your closet (awesome). One more thing, MLScherbatov's review NAILED it with the music. Make it build up. If I hide the game window to do something else, and then hear the music change, I know that something has changed. If I hear Taps...I know i'm dead. Thank you for the game and for reading my review.

Wish there was a speed up button.