Reviews for "Sim Apocalypse"

It definitely is a good game, pretty fun for what it is, I like the sense of humor qute a lot. However, it would be so much better if there was some more content, like ingame stats, survivor skills (like luck or survivability) and more events. Maybe more content overall as well.

This game is very funny and enjoyable. I love the refrences like finding a master sword and buster sword. But there are a few errors in the game. The luck is OP and there is no fast forward or skip option which would be usfull in a game like this. I would also like to be able to review different events that happen.

It's a good simulator of apocalypse with some humor and references,but i got a few issues:
1.Nuclear holocaust is impossible to complete because you will get nuked even with bunker.
2.Luck stat is overpowered,high amounts of it allow you to simply not care about weapons and probably food.
3.Companions eat all of your food and you can't kill or eat them.
4.Brony is too overpowered,he gives you 20 luck (see number two for why luck is important)
5.You can't improve your luck and survivablity at all.
6.You can't improve skill without companions who do more harm than good.

im at day 130... still going full hp
over 7k food
over 1.6k weps
125 survs...
luck 23 surv 67
luck stat is way to overpowered...
for starters the companions you can earn after starting only seem to give either (or a combo) of weps,food, and or skill
you cannot increase surv or luck!!!!!
as such your main focuses for rolling your traits to start should be those 2 stats
and then put all points into luck (current luck is 23 and i started doc, bunker, holly war, machete idk what else...)
clearly luck stat is very over powered...

fun game very enjoyable at times when you do well
but if you do TOO well its boring u just sit there... i started opening other tabs and browsing things waiting to lose...I am writing this review while i wait too!

so some ways to fix this...
give me something to do while i wait

events pop up like lose food to rats, gain food from my farm, make a choice to save a companion by risking getting medicine, choice options would be VERY easy in a game like this as they would involve a "barter" of sorts, gain something to lose something, the lesser of 2 evils, or an even trade of things!

if you toned back the value of surv and luck some of the events you get could be paying weps or food to increase these value. this could mean starting the game with lower values, reducing the effect of these values, etc but regardless this would allow me to build these stats instead of them remaining stale

another thing i want is a fast forward button just speed the game up please im rather bored waiting for the end to come...

another thing would be if i could prioritize my searching example
i could focus on looking for food (gain 10% to amount earned and or speed bar fills) but lose 5% to both companion and wep bar rates
this would allow more strategy to apply to choices. before an attack i could focus weps but immediately after i could focus on food to survive

lastly i would love the ability to have companions leave
some of them really suck and are just gobbling my food down...it totally blows...

great game overall
the role traits to start is great and the diffrent kind of disasters are funny and interesting!

having written this review im now at day 161 still no loss in sight...

For what it is the game is great. Enough variety in the rolling section will little bits of humor thrown in everywhere if you look for it. My main issue with the game is the luck stat. Not personal player luck but the stat itself. It is FAR FAR too strong in comparison to other stats. Get good luck and a medium skill and you are far more likely to make it regardless of the other stats. This make its so that Putin or Brony are must haves for long runs.