Reviews for "Sim Apocalypse"

go for luck stat its great
luck 33
268 days survived

Rating it pretty high, since I did spend already two days playing it. Why, I even made an account to comment on it.

I found it very funny. The music is pretty epic too. There isn't a lot of gameplay (besides waiting random events) but it's cool to see which epic scenarios I can muster. Getting the master sword and a jedi sword during a nuclear apocalypse was pretty fun.

If I may make a suggestion, put a detailed mode where I can see how much W (weapons) and F (Food) is worth each item found during game. Also show how much W and F is carrying a companion whenever they join you. And the enemy power when a battle event occurs. I love seeing those type of details.

Another thing that would be cool would be to add randomized battles in details, such as in Dwarf Fortress. This would be a bit hard to make (since weapons seem to become only W points after getting picked), but it would be awesome.

Overall a simple but fun game. 4 stars.

Fought off infidels with Wabbajack while riding on the top of an apocalypse-proof car and starved to death because Tom Cruise ate all my food.. This game is great!

Me and my Brony friend riding an Amazing Horse, holding a Rabbits foot, blasting those Damn Dirty Apes with a Rocket Launcher and at night cuddilng in a Bunker. Love the randomness.But seriously, some suggestions. Either infinite rolls or separete rolls for each category, because if you get a bad rolls you just start the game again. Also a quit/suicide button would be nice if you see your run go badly.

I got the 150 days, but not 100? What?