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Reviews for "Jumper 3: Revival"

Hey, long time, no hear from! I'm glad you released a game for the Stencyl jam (I had wanted to, but school work got in the way). I like the different art you put into it, as well as the music, though there are a few problems:
- on the last level, the track from the previous level continues to play as the new one plays, making for a somewhat annoying sound.
- The loading screen is kind of annoying. Maybe you can add some small in-between game to play while it loads if possible.
- The "touching the top of the ceiling death thing" is still there. I have an idea on how to get rid of it. Make the actual ceiling extend pass what the screen is showing enough to where a person can jump up and never wonder about dying.
- If you need voice acting done for your games, I'm here.

Also, take my name off the credits. although I would have liked to have helped create this, I don't think I helped. Good luck msn.

capner responds:

This was a revival of an unfinished game. I redid this game 3 times! I was never pleased with the results of the now lost builds. Its feels this is only 37% complete.

Well , As I said before , game needs more work .
I was trapped in the first level , but Later somehow completed it !
The strong devil-ish voice didn't suit plank characters !

After playing "Jumper 3: Revival" I'am left feeling very confused. I was greeted by a protagonist who looks similar to "Plank" from the cartoon Ed, Edd and Eddy. A short paragraph of text let's me know that I have been captured and jailed, however the guards forgot to lock my cell so I simply stroddle out into the 3D enviroment, which after this scene turns in to a 2D mario-like scroller where you objective is to make it from point A to point B without dying.

However, I must say I found a certain charm in the slightly dull characters and low quality music that felt stuck on replay.

My main issues with the game itself was the lack of explaining (of anything), the slightly unresponsive controls and the fact that whenever I tried to kill an enemy, it felt like a 50/50% risk of just randomly dying because of the hitboxes.

I feel like this game could have a lot more going for it, it just kind of feels unfinished and gives me the impression that if the creators would have put more work in to the game it could have turned out nicely.

capner responds:

I know it's unfinished, because this build is 4 months old dated back to January, I put this in place till I finish it and forgot to label the game as demo

Very short game with bad MSPaint graphics.
- Wall Jump rarely works
- Leaderboard stays after you exit Online
- Jumping on the top of the screen kills you

1.5 Stars for (little) effort.

This game needs more work. It feels unfinished.
The medal works, and I earned it.