Reviews for "Ice Story ( 氷物語 )"

Controls are extremely annoying
Forcing right handed people to do complex combinations with left hand doesn't really help.
Idea overall is nice, but changing the controls in-game would be amazing.
I would personally go with up arrow for jump, to join three other arrows for example.
If you can, add controls changing options.

castpixel responds:

Did you notice it's a Ludum Dare game?
1.5 stars. wow.

Had such high expectations for this seeing it was a retro based game... but the controls are not user intuitive, and the intro went on for way to long... plus the lag I was experiencing was unbearable. Could be my browser but who knows. I couldn't even make it past the tutorial level, shame, this game looked promising.

castpixel responds:

Chrome is recommended.
The intro can be skipped by pressing Z.
What would be user intuitive controls for you?

'C' key does nothing. Can't complete the first level.

Controls are hard. Picking up enemies were a chore and it would be better if there was a button to press instead of down to attack. Plus the dash attack makes you fly across the screen, making you hit enemies sometimes. Plus, the ability to grab stunned enemies while they are on the ground would make this game enjoyable

castpixel responds:

The dash attack makes you fly across the screen so you have to think before you act. Puzzle elements are standard in retro platformers. By enjoyable do you mean easier?

I get that you would prefer to pick up stunned enemies, but I wanted to explore a Rocket Slime mechanic.