Reviews for "Ice Story ( 氷物語 )"

Snow Bros-a-like except with extremely awkward controls. Honestly this game could have been amazing if it was only slightly different.

So you freeze the enemies, dash them, catch them, then throw them in the portal. It's a bit convoluted especially since there seems no way to fall through a platform (usually down would be expected to do this in these type of games, but down dashes).

What would have been better:
Up jumps, Down falls through platforms (instead of dashing)
You freeze enemies and then when you touch a frozen enemy you instantly pick them up. Now throw them into the doorway.

The whole dash/catch idea just doesn't work well.

castpixel responds:

Snow bros had no fall through platforms. Only jump through when going up.

I understand you dislike the dash idea. I'll try to refine it. I don't want to give up on it, since it works so well in Rocket Slime. Thank you for taking the time to write

Good start, but the controls felt pretty awkward. Mainly I had trouble with sliding which seemed to work every once and awhile but not every time.

castpixel responds:

that's the first I've heard of that issue. It works every time I press [Down]. What was your issue?

Time Playing - 46 minutes (trying out the bugs)
Amount of Time Completing The Game - 15
Given Stars - 3/5

Things I like
- Moving speed of the character is well thought as I am able to move the character the way I want.

On how to complete each level
- It is interesting that you are able to come up a way, rather than destroying all of the enemies in the level you want the players to capture them and throw them to a portal, it makes the game mechanic unique.

- (relation to the completion of each level) Even though the character is powerful she doesn't like to hurt dinosaur, as in the game the players only able to froze the dinosaur and throw them.

- The simple art and cute character makes it stand out

Things I dislike
- The X button being the jump button makes it harder to play as for me space bar is the most often use as jump

Level Design
- The levels design difficulty keep changing as there are some levels that are much harder than the levels at a more further stage.

- Upon completion of the game, if you play again, your character life's won't return back to 3
- In level 4, if player fail to catch the dinosaur and when the dinosaur fall, apparently it fall through the
platform that was suppose to break, thus making the level unbeatable
- In Level 4, the platform that is place at the most right has a glitch where if the player is standing close to the wall and the direction its facing is towards the portal, the game doesn't allow the player to dash and player are able to fall through the platform (combination buttons include: left, right and dash button)
- In Level 10, the player is able to throw the dinosaur into the portal if the player is close to the wall while facing the portal

- I don't see the importance of collecting the spell book that will supposedly increase 100 on one of the attributes in the game.

- The number that is always 0 showing at the right side of our life's (okay, read the comments stating it's score, noted)


Level 1
- It is a good way to introduce players on how to play, as there are space to move around and try out the abilities the player have.

Level 2
- The distance between each platform is placed well as every time I dash towards the froze dinosaur, I am able to catch them. There are more books/spell book in this level.

Level 3
- This level destroy the difficulty as now it is much easier than level 2, I can understand, if you want to
introduce to players that the platform will be destroy if you catch the dinosaur but I don't see the mechanic shown to the other levels.

Level 4
- One of the most easiest level as you are able to froze all of the dinosour and capture all of them at once.

Level 5
- Looks like a replicate of level 2 but become easier as the portal is at the bottom rather than at the top.

Level 6
- For me the most difficult level in the game, died too many times, as the space given is very limited and force the player to freeze the dinosaur at a precise timing.

Level 7
- Become back to easy as the portal is at the bottom, and all of the dinosaur is separated from each other.

Level 8
- replication from level 4, just the portal is above.

Level 9
- Difficulty is easy, just that the amount of time to take to finish is longer as there are blocks that will
disable player to go up easily.

Level 10
- Interesting as the players would need to bounce the dinosour to win the level, but other than that player
are able to complete the game within 6-10 seconds

- Have more than 1 jump and dash button also, so that players have easier time playing e.g. the ice button
- Rearrange the levels, as there are level introducing new mechanic.
- To your next game, if making add more new type of enemies and if introducing new mechanic try to use the same
to the next level but increase the difficulty before introducing another new mechanic.

Looking forward to your next game
It looks like a complete game even though you are given only 3 days, good job
Had fun playing xD

the controls are garbage...and the C button does nothing...the only thing i liked about the game was the graphics...

castpixel responds:


It's a cute game but I have an issue with the controls. Why can't jump be the up button? I can't beat the second level because of the way the dinos bounce, I can't pick them up in time. Nice music and sound effects, nice graphics. Is there a timer? I think I've been running out of time on the second level but I don't see anything counting down.

castpixel responds:

I'll let players rebind keys, f that's the problem. Generally people don't like UP as the jump button because it's not precise enough for platforming. Check all your favorite platformers, do they use up?

There is a timer, and it runs in the background. Have you ever played Bubble Bobble and older arcade games?