Reviews for "Ice Story ( 氷物語 )"

The game looks very cool , graphics are awesome too
I had BUG in level 3, the frozen enemy stuck at the top of the level, i couldn't reach it and he didnt wake up again. i had to restart

castpixel responds:

I need to overhaul the platform engine, the built-in engine is great for quick prototyping but doesn't stand up to use. Thank you koopke

i second everything tom said, but with the addendum that i had some issues picking the enemies up. if i dashed into them while i was on a platform, they would land up there and i'd fall to the ground generally, but by the time i got back up, i couldn't grab them so they just kinda sat there on the ground. this was kinda frustrating because after a few attempts, they'd stand up and kill me instead, and the levels really arent big enough to perform a dash without falling most of the time.
i kind of understand why you'd want to force the player to catch the enemies, but it doesn't really make much sense when you cant control yourself after a dash. IMO you'd be better off either stopping the dash when the player makes contact with an enemy, or allowing the player to pick the enemies up after they're stunned.

castpixel responds:

Understood. I'm trying to explore a Rocket Slime mechanic. Have you played it? It's very charming.

The reason you can't catch the dinos is they need to be falling or at most on their second bounce off the floor. Once they're on the floor and immobile, they're harmless (until they get up, which I need to animate btw) and you need to try again. They used to get up right after landing, but playtesters thought it's too unfair, and that they ought to stay confused for longer. So now there's a long pause until the dinos get up. Their internal "frozen" value works by the way, if you try to freeze them while unconscious. Which means there's a bug, because ice doesn't form around them until they're upright. Gah :)

I need to tweak the main mechanic so it's clear, you can't pick dinos off the ground, and I don't want you to be able to. But it needs to feel good dashing into them and trying to catch them afterwards. Probably more bouncy dinos, does that make sense?

Here's a post-mortem that outlines what I'm aiming for http://ludumdare.com/compo/2015/04/22/461035/

Thank you for the detailed feedback!

Not bad! I enjoy the art, though I think the enemies could stand to be animated (I imagine that was left out to save time, though, which is fair enough). I feel like it could use a bit more depth, and the mechanics could maybe use a bit of tweaking, but the 80s Taito influence comes through clear as day! This is a great start to a game.

I've only skimmed the other reviews, so apologies if I'm repeating things other folks have already said, but here are my suggestions to build on this:
Mapping the dash to another button might feel a bit more intuitive than mapping it to the down key. The down key isn't bad per se, but it definitely feels a bit odd at first and takes some getting used to.

I think it might also be cool to have it so you get a point bonus if you collect all the dinos and send them through the gate at once, along the lines of Flicky (and perhaps set it up so pressing C throws all the dinos you're holding at once, instead of one at a time) - it feels like it would add a bit of depth to the game. As it stands, it's a bit easy to get all the books on a level and max out the score.

The ice spell mechanic sort of feels like it might work better if it went straight forward instead of in an arc - I can understand why keeping the horizontal distance limited would be beneficial, but it does feel a bit awkward. Maybe a blast that goes straight forward a bit and then bursts after a short distance? Or if the arc was more important to the gameplay - having to arc the spell over things, or onto things. Maybe I'm just being nitpicky though!

I'd also say that you should be able to dash through stunned dinos to bounce them back into the air so you can pick them up again instead of having to wait for them to go back to normal so you can freeze them and then dash through them again.

I think that's all I can really think of! The music took a bit to grow on me, and the falling rocks are a bit frustrating, but I really only ever ran into them naturally on one level, so I don't really have a problem with them. Good start to a game - I don't see a lot of games that come this close to capturing the feel of an 80s arcade game while still being fun!

castpixel responds:

Wow! Goatygoat that was an *ace* piece of feedback! Thank you so much!

Flicky was totally an influence, and it's what ruins my control scheme at the moment. Other reviewers have commented how it might be nice to throw dinos with the same button as the dash or the ice projectile. But that runs into the problem of not being able to catch more than one dino.

But the intention is 100% to get a bonus for 3 dinos disposed of consecutively. I might not take you up on throwing them all with one button press, as that would be a missed opportunity for
1. throwing one dino on another to stun it and
2. puzzle possibilities where you've picked up a [key] that needs to go in a [keyhole]. I'd like to work with the 3-slot inventory that Rocket Slime employs. (that's where I stole the catch mechanic from, although mine's not as fluid yet)

Being able to dash through stunned dinos would feel absolutely right, I agree and thanks for the suggestion!

The arc looks a little weird I'll admit, and much less visually pleasing than a horizontal projectile that just fizzes over distance. However it can be used to target dinos on lower levels as it is, keeping you out of harm's way. It's like the ground bomb from Cotton or indeed the snow spell from Snow Bros. I intend to have powerups that increase range and freezing strength.

Also a system for getting rewards when you finish the level - edibles like in bubble bobble, rainbow islands, kirby, etc. And a few forks in the path, secret levels and bosses. There, that's my entire development plan. I'm telling you because you're one of the few people that seem excited about this :D

I mean, there's much room for more modern ideas in a game genre that's 25 years old, but how do you top this wonderfully convoluted scoring system? http://strategywiki.org/wiki/Bubble_Bobble/Point_items

Thanks again! (And yeah the music isn't catchy enough. On the other hand, it gave me some hands on experience with the SEGA sound chip)

If you dash facing a wall, you go through the wall and get stuck off screen.
I managed to do that at the first level.... -_-'

castpixel responds:

apologies, Construct 2 is great for prototyping a game in 3 days, but very prone to bugs. I'm working on a super-tight platforming engine

No idea how i should win the first level. No button i press can kill the enemy, or go through the door on top. Had to quit after. Visuals are nice tho.