Reviews for "Ice Story ( 氷物語 )"

A little bit repetitive... But yeah, in 3 days, it's quite good !
It could use Bosses , different backgrounds, a magic bar that you have to refill, and maybe the dash is too strong... (ideas that I had...)

castpixel responds:

Thanks for taking the time to reply!
Bosses and different backgrounds, noted. A magic bar? As in your main weapon needing a refill?

I quite liked this game, but it took some time to get used to the many quirks.
Like not being able to pick up a dinosaur after it stopped bouncing. Some levels this got to be a huge annoyance as it got thrown across the level, and by the time I could get to it, I could no longer pick it up.
Not being able to press up to jump, and having down move me really far forward, with no way to stop it. Personally, I'd prefer up be jump, and dash be X. That would have helped tremendously. Like some have mentioned, having both a jump button and up would be nice, but I'd like the option with dash as well. Heck, customizable controls would solve all these issues.

I can see the potential for this game, and being someone whos favorite games of all times includes snow bros, bubble bobble, and liquid kids I'm really excited to see what you do with this game.

castpixel responds:

Boldot thanks so much for taking the time! It's great to see people excited about this silly thing.
I'm taking notes, all of your suggestions are great. I think once the dinos are down it's fair game that you wouldn't be able to pick them up, but I agree your time window to catch them is limited right now. I'll have to tweak it, maybe with bouncier dinos or a slight bullet time on impact so you can plan your course.

I'm reluctant to let people completely customize all the controls, because when I made the change from 2-buttons to 3 I found people who were happy with the nintendo-style controls became very frustrated. This is going to take a lot of tweaking. Up as jump would be terrible on a controller. I'm still struggling to solve that one.

Thank you so much for taking the time!

A nice game with a somewhat awkward controls. Also i got strange bug on the second level, when character just flyed off the screen while dashing and never came back.

castpixel responds:

Tx MistrNero! Can I get your preference of controls? How would you map keys if you had the chance? Your input will really help.

If there's no way to jump down through platforms, levels should be designed so that you never have to. On the very first level, once you're above the bottom layer, you can never go back to get the books. And the first time I played it glitched so that I started out on the top layer.

Obviously there are too many buttons, as people have been saying. This could actually be done with just directional keys and one other key.

What's the number next to your lives? It's always 0. If it's supposed to keep score or time, it doesn't work.

castpixel responds:

So. How would you do it with just one key? How would you dash? How would you throw? And how would you make sure that you can dash and throw while you're already carrying a dino? I'm really interested in your feedback!

Secondly: it's a puzzle platformer. The first level was intentionally there to show you that you have to be careful before you jump. You see it on bubble bobble all the time. It's punishing, but it's fair, nobody made you jump, there was no immediate danger.
The number next to your lives would have been score if I didn't have a 3-day limitation

The game looks very cool , graphics are awesome too
I had BUG in level 3, the frozen enemy stuck at the top of the level, i couldn't reach it and he didnt wake up again. i had to restart

castpixel responds:

I need to overhaul the platform engine, the built-in engine is great for quick prototyping but doesn't stand up to use. Thank you koopke