Reviews for "Ice Story ( 氷物語 )"

Been reading the reviews and thinking about the controls... I typically like having a jump button in games but while playing I WAS wondering about using the UP arrow to jump instead. You could add support for both UP arrow AND a jump button so people can choose either.

I also did find myself instinctively pressing down to drop through plafforms, although this doesn't need to be an ability. Maybe it's problematic because people do instinctively try it and end up dashing instead... What if C makes you DASH if you aren't carrying an enemy and THROW if you are carrying an enemy? That would let players focus on tapping C twice to complete the grab / throw process, less likely to get mixed up with different buttons.

Also the intro could have a "Press Z to SKIP" note in the bottom corner to make sure players are aware.

Love the music and art! Only other issue is whether the difficulty is too oldschool - which plenty of people like - but nowadays I prefer something where I get infinite chances to complete a level, vs a limited set of lives to complete all levels.... Or maybe some hybrid where you have limited lives, but every 5 levels reaches a checkpoint you can continue from infinitely.

castpixel responds:

Tom thanks :)
I need players to be able to carry more than one dino. I know, this isn't evident in this version, but carrying three or more would be higher risk and higher reward, with a score bonus for consecutive portal throws.

So one button for DASH and THROW isn't going to work. It used to be that 3 buttons were super-acceptable for an arcade game, what happened since :S I'm racking my brain to find a simpler control scheme. People hated the 2-button controls too, even though it was more well-thought out.

I hear what you're saying about the old-school difficulty. I'm liking those ideas. My original plan to make it more modern was to implement a continue feature, based on your score. Like, buying continues at the expense of your high score. That would theoretically motivate retro fans and convenience more casual players. But as it's an LD game, I didn't have time to even implement score.

Thanks for the kind words.

Good game bruh.

castpixel responds:

hey thanks :) I'm a sis

Fun, cute game and for some reason it gives me a nostalgic feel. I would rate 5 but it has glitches, for e.g. sometimes you can dash out of the level.

A nice game with a somewhat awkward controls. Also i got strange bug on the second level, when character just flyed off the screen while dashing and never came back.

castpixel responds:

Tx MistrNero! Can I get your preference of controls? How would you map keys if you had the chance? Your input will really help.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing your game, it had a cute yet challenging aspect to it...however I couldn't quite get past the fact the enemy reminds me of the Adult Swim Dinosaur from the little bumps they show between things...only difference here is the color and lack of horn.

castpixel responds:

Paul Robertson is a friend :D