Reviews for "Ice Story ( 氷物語 )"

The game looks very cool , graphics are awesome too
I had BUG in level 3, the frozen enemy stuck at the top of the level, i couldn't reach it and he didnt wake up again. i had to restart

castpixel responds:

I need to overhaul the platform engine, the built-in engine is great for quick prototyping but doesn't stand up to use. Thank you koopke

Controls are hard. Picking up enemies were a chore and it would be better if there was a button to press instead of down to attack. Plus the dash attack makes you fly across the screen, making you hit enemies sometimes. Plus, the ability to grab stunned enemies while they are on the ground would make this game enjoyable

castpixel responds:

The dash attack makes you fly across the screen so you have to think before you act. Puzzle elements are standard in retro platformers. By enjoyable do you mean easier?

I get that you would prefer to pick up stunned enemies, but I wanted to explore a Rocket Slime mechanic.

A little bit repetitive... But yeah, in 3 days, it's quite good !
It could use Bosses , different backgrounds, a magic bar that you have to refill, and maybe the dash is too strong... (ideas that I had...)

castpixel responds:

Thanks for taking the time to reply!
Bosses and different backgrounds, noted. A magic bar? As in your main weapon needing a refill?

Snow Bros-a-like except with extremely awkward controls. Honestly this game could have been amazing if it was only slightly different.

So you freeze the enemies, dash them, catch them, then throw them in the portal. It's a bit convoluted especially since there seems no way to fall through a platform (usually down would be expected to do this in these type of games, but down dashes).

What would have been better:
Up jumps, Down falls through platforms (instead of dashing)
You freeze enemies and then when you touch a frozen enemy you instantly pick them up. Now throw them into the doorway.

The whole dash/catch idea just doesn't work well.

castpixel responds:

Snow bros had no fall through platforms. Only jump through when going up.

I understand you dislike the dash idea. I'll try to refine it. I don't want to give up on it, since it works so well in Rocket Slime. Thank you for taking the time to write