Reviews for "Ice Story ( 氷物語 )"

I thoroughly enjoyed playing your game, it had a cute yet challenging aspect to it...however I couldn't quite get past the fact the enemy reminds me of the Adult Swim Dinosaur from the little bumps they show between things...only difference here is the color and lack of horn.

castpixel responds:

Paul Robertson is a friend :D

If there's no way to jump down through platforms, levels should be designed so that you never have to. On the very first level, once you're above the bottom layer, you can never go back to get the books. And the first time I played it glitched so that I started out on the top layer.

Obviously there are too many buttons, as people have been saying. This could actually be done with just directional keys and one other key.

What's the number next to your lives? It's always 0. If it's supposed to keep score or time, it doesn't work.

castpixel responds:

So. How would you do it with just one key? How would you dash? How would you throw? And how would you make sure that you can dash and throw while you're already carrying a dino? I'm really interested in your feedback!

Secondly: it's a puzzle platformer. The first level was intentionally there to show you that you have to be careful before you jump. You see it on bubble bobble all the time. It's punishing, but it's fair, nobody made you jump, there was no immediate danger.
The number next to your lives would have been score if I didn't have a 3-day limitation

Good game bruh.

castpixel responds:

hey thanks :) I'm a sis

A nice game with a somewhat awkward controls. Also i got strange bug on the second level, when character just flyed off the screen while dashing and never came back.

castpixel responds:

Tx MistrNero! Can I get your preference of controls? How would you map keys if you had the chance? Your input will really help.

Well...Frist of all: What a nice graphic appeal! The music, desing and art are just in the right place, doing the right stuff, Great job!

Now, about the game itself... It is not bad, but some mechanics make it harder than it should, I guess...

Take megaman as an exemple, its a freaking hard game! But isn't unfair or frustating, it's just hard as f#c$ and the player need to deal with that. Ice Story is in the right direction to be that kind of game, but needs some ''polish'' in the gameplay to give the player that addiction of trying just one more time.

Anyway, it IS a game full of potential! With a little change here and there... I'm sure that I will be giving it the last stars soon, Good Luck!

castpixel responds:

CreepyMeow thank you. I'll try to work on the habbit-forming aspect of gameplay