Reviews for "Parapapa"

BTW, the music is a remix of a brazilian song made by drug lords challenging enemies and the police and saying how many guns and grenades they have...

Yeah... Sometimes it's good to check the lyrics of foreign songs...

Fun fact, that song became famous in a movie about elite police squad because, well, it was the "bad guys theme"

GuyUngerNL responds:

lol xd

needs a few things, instructions would be nice, took me a while to understand i was dying for not walking enough; a menu would also be nice

and i don't know how aware you are of this but the theme song, rap das armas, is a brazilian funk song about killing cops, i'd make a loop out of the intro in order to minimize the potential impact of this

A real nice mixture between arcade and adventure! The fact that you have two other guys following you makes it seem all the more intense than if you'd be alone, both of them coming with non-helpful comments at moments when things seem bleak and despairful (more random dialog material would be nice - and a script). The music and sound effects (like the bird cry) remind me of Serious Sam, in which I did love the music, so that's a plus. Graphics are slick and awesome and levels varied, and the only thing that bugs me a bit is the waaaay too dynamic intro screen. Gets me dizzy if I don't click Enter fast enough. Overall, great game! Hope there'll be medals in the finished thing! Oh, and I also throught of that rapping dog first thing, title may be a bit misleading. :P


GuyUngerNL responds:

thanks cd!
some story element in general is probably cool.
i didn't play serious sam, i'll get that out :)
lol, yeah, the intro is a bit much
you make some good points!

Can't turn the sound of, very annoying. Only WASD, no arrow key movement. Looks good though.

Well it may not have a rapping dog this game is still as hyper filled as usual :3