Reviews for "Tough Guys 2"

The entire animation is clumsy, funny, weird-looking and yet, pretty good. My main (or even the only) problem, is that for an animation that doesn't need too much work on, these episodes aren't long enough for a nonsensed series as "Tough Guys".

4.5 Stars for the Originality and Good Humour.

This sequel works as a stand alone movie; However, a certain bit of information becomes lost without viewing the first Tough guys movie.

The recap at the beginning helps with making sense out of this new movie.

The events all started because two men in the gym were fighting over free weights.

The sequel is actually really crazy when placed into it's proper context.

The two tough guys befriended each other in the first movie and unintentionally destroyed the gym with a powerful high five.

This attracted the attention of the government and one of the tough guys was held captive.

The touch guy held captive had his muscles taken away by his kidnappers.

That is a very silly gag because muscles can only weaken from lack of exercise.

You made an interesting decision to introduce some badguys your show.

The previous movie although had some conflict did not have any actual villains.

Both of the tough guys are good guys.

Sometimes, good people get into petty arguments much like anyone else.

The first movie was basically a Good vs Good sort of movie.

That adds a certain sense of reality to the fantasy world.

The tough guys basically acted as antagonists to each other in your previous movie.

The second movie introduces more traditional styled antagonists to the show.

The army guys were obviously very bad and were cruel towards their prisoners.

I can understand that they would be curious about two men destroying the gym with a power high five.

My sympathy for these army guys ended when they took away one of the tough guy's muscles.

cruelty towards their prisoners has established the army guys as the clear cut villains.

This second movie continues from where the last episode left off.

I love the idea of presenting more episodes of this cartoon as a serial.

I didn't expect to see a second tough guys episode and I'm now curious about a third episode.

Your drawings are still a bit crude and amateurish; However, you compensated for this.

You took the simple everyday event of two men fighting over free weights and turned it into an imaginative serial.


it was pretty stupid but i kept watching so ur doing someting right..!!! keep it up =)