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Reviews for "Cube Escape: The Lake"

I like the idea to create a fishing pod myself and hook baits on it. The first few items I fished were normal. It's natural to cut them open when a knife was available in the inventory. Then, I found a hand connected to a body. :| I didn't mean to cut him open, but it's part of the game.

The MIRROR safe was quite tricky to open. One needs to interpret the codes and a clue, do maths, and input reconstructed symbols. I had no idea if the code for another safe was embedded somewhere, but I finished the game without opening it.

Animation of the fishing pod is great! Graphics are cool.

Unlike Seasons, I completed this game without a walkthrough. The only hold up was the first locked chest. It took me a while of staring it at and a piece of paper to finally understand how to open it. Already had the code from Seasons so I watched both endings. Good atmosphere, good puzzles, great game.

I love it!

Oh my god, these games are simply amazing!
I love the visuals nd the graphics. Makes me feel like I'm in a dream world.
The level of difficulty is pretty balanced. I tried some of the other games and holy crap I just...I feel like I keep missing something that's probably obvious and IN MY FACE! But I like coming back to the games I leave unfinished and trying again. Sometimes after taking a break I can come back and see what small detail I missed.
Very great effort, which can be hard to find sometimes. Always excited to give the next game to try to see if I can manage to solve my way through it.
I usually can't, but it's always fun to try.

Lovely game. The abstract art and many symbolisms shown in this game really adds to the mystery essence within the game, and the key object being the cube itself.