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Reviews for "Cube Escape: The Lake"

Nice game! The code for the safe is 1487 if you want to change your fate.

Today I discovered it by chance, and I had to play Seasons. I loved it's extrange logic and it's creepiness.

These games feel like a lucid dream. which is perfect and the music ads to it reminding me of NIN's Ghosts album. needless to say I liked it a lot, the "play the other game" I took it like an easter egg, you only need it if you want the "changed fate " ending. though having played seasons before playing this helped, otherwise go for the walkthrough. I liked the desolate creepy feeling. you kinda need the jump scares since, well you do nee dto play the game and it is still surreal, either wy good game, short but sweet.

All I was thinking at the end was.. HEY, I HAVE A KNIFE! and the next I'm like HEY IT ISN'T DOING ME ANY GOOD!!!!!!!

Review 1 of 2: Bad ending...

I FLEW through this game this time, and purposely used the blue gem. not too fond of the symbol it makes, though, so can we please change that? also, a question I bet everyone's asking... how does the corrupt shadow getting to you or you getting the cube affect the story? is this the final game in the series if you get the cube? because you DO destroy the corrupt shadow to get the cube, so it kind of ruins the story line.

Review 2 of 2: Good ending!

I LOVE this game, and how you enter the code and change your fate( like stated before in many reviews, green gem.). I wish that it lived up to the other games, but this one WAS probably the first one, so it gets a pass. if it's number 2, though, might have to change my rate. :P still, though, awesome game.