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Reviews for "Cube Escape: The Lake"

Once you have the tree in your house you can look at it from the desk point of view and climb up to see the rest of the tree. However, you can climb even further up, beyond where the roof meets itself. If you go further up from there you will find yourself in a vast black static screen. Don't know if this was the bedoeling, just putting it out there.

Awesome, well I never finished it YET but of how far I got, it's interesting and a bit scary, but I like it!

This and your other game are the best point and click games i have ever played 10/10 i need more of your games

this game is like jack smith.
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These games feel like a lucid dream. which is perfect and the music ads to it reminding me of NIN's Ghosts album. needless to say I liked it a lot, the "play the other game" I took it like an easter egg, you only need it if you want the "changed fate " ending. though having played seasons before playing this helped, otherwise go for the walkthrough. I liked the desolate creepy feeling. you kinda need the jump scares since, well you do nee dto play the game and it is still surreal, either wy good game, short but sweet.