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Reviews for "Cube Escape: The Lake"

Wow! I love Point n' click games :D And the graphics... sincerely! Amazing!

(watch out spoilers ) warning ..beware ..pls don't ..lol

finding the green gem sure took forever ...didn't realize i could get another one...
worth it though ..great game btw :3

Oh my god, these games are simply amazing!
I love the visuals nd the graphics. Makes me feel like I'm in a dream world.
The level of difficulty is pretty balanced. I tried some of the other games and holy crap I just...I feel like I keep missing something that's probably obvious and IN MY FACE! But I like coming back to the games I leave unfinished and trying again. Sometimes after taking a break I can come back and see what small detail I missed.
Very great effort, which can be hard to find sometimes. Always excited to give the next game to try to see if I can manage to solve my way through it.
I usually can't, but it's always fun to try.

The game was okay. A little nonsensical. Also kind of rude to force a link on the player. However, one thing I figured out after quite a bit of research is the first box puzzle. Since very few people seem to understand it, I'll explain. Change the spaces to 4 different symbols to help you understand. Then look at the nonsense symbols and image a vertical (up and down) line going straight through the center of each one. Look to the left of that line and focus only on the part of the symbol on that side from here on. You should be able to see a number in each symbol. This is where the "mirror" part of the puzzle ceases to be useful now that you know which symbols mean which numbers (between 1 and 9). Look at the first line of the clue and imagine it without the mirror image side. Now it's just a simple multiplication problem that will show you the answer to the box.

I love the saga of Cube Escape it's awesome :o