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Reviews for "Cube Escape: The Lake"

kinda bizarre in parts, but fairly okay. I spent forever trying to combine fishing rod pieces in my inventory before I realized I had to put them together on a post outside the door.

I see a lot of other people complaining about the mirror puzzle, but I found that to be one of the most derivative puzzles. I've seen the "each number is mirrored with itself" thing dozens of times.

OK now, what's the logic with this stupid mirror box?

An incredibly interesting game, though I don't think that the "Mirror" box puzzle is solvable without the help of the walk through. Also I thought that the jump scare distracted from game play, rather than adding to it. I think it would have been better if it was simply creepy. But, all-in-all, it's still a great game.

Cube Escape is a short, atmospheric point-and-click escape game that uses a charming visual style to its advantage. While I wished there was more variety in the puzzles (nearly everything is obtained from the fishing rod at some point, which becomes repetitive near the end), the presentation and simplicity of the game makes it a treat for anyone looking for a quick, casual adventure.


I will admit to consulting the walkthrough on this one, for some puzzles.
Namely, how to use the crowbar(Though I may have been an idiot on that front), and how to open the first box (which said MIRROR on it) I still don't know how I would have done that without the walkthrough.
That said, the game is bloody intriguing and a little creepy, so I got the code for the second box by playing that other game.
I like what you're doing, even if I don't like typically like this sort of game. You get a big WELL DONE from me.