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Reviews for "Cube Escape: The Lake"

Nice game! The code for the safe is 1487 if you want to change your fate.

Not bad although the alternate ending was a waste of time in my opinion was not anything unique or rewarding for going through the trouble

I just presume that if you play other Rusty Lake games that the ending in this one would make sense. The ending just made me wonder - what just happened? Nonetheless I found the game very interesting.

This has potential. The coding is excellent, no glitches. The graphics are superbly drawn, as I even noticed that the two views of the table agree with each other as the roots grow. Although the puzzle is simple, it is not linear and brings about its own twist.

However, a bad marketing tactic ruins it all. Newgrounds is an old community, and we have made ourselves clear about what we hate. Forcing us to play another game is borderline outrageous; forcing us to play another game at another site is a sheer disrespect to Newgrounds and its community. Next time you cold use more common sense.

Great game, to be honest. Worth 4 stars, maybe even 5. But forcing me to go play another game to be able to finish this one? No. Just NO.

RustyLake responds:

Thanks for playing..The code from Seasons provides an alternative end. You can complete the game without it. The lake is a teaser for Seasons and our upcoming games.