Reviews for "Cube Escape: The Lake"

First, the game was either piss-easy (90% of it), or almost nonsensically difficult (the remaining 10%). Now, I may be missing some fundamental concept as to what the word "mirror" means to you, but that is NOT what was needed to solve the "puzzle" with the turquoise chest. I just went on the walkthrough to find out what the code was, and I had literally no idea how one would come to that conclusion from the following: the word "mirror"; some vaguely related symbols (only one of which was actually used in the code, and it was repeated); and an EXTRA SPACE for the letter "x."

Second, it was unbelievably predictable. Granted, this partially ties into my earlier point about the game being easy. Nonetheless, even the little "plot twists" like the screaming corpse from the lake, or the... other corpse... at the end, were just dull.

On a related note, the blurb about the past on the blueprints for the tree that grew out of the fish (yes, those of you how have not play the game yet, you did read that correctly) was just not necessary, either. It was borderline gibberish. UNLESS, of course, it was a tie-in to the game on your own site that you linked us to (or tried to). By now, I'm sure you've read many a review complaining about THAT little ploy, so I won't bother doing the same. For the record, in order to "change my fate" (whooo, spoooky), I just went and read the other reviews, and found the code. I was not impressed with the result. Then again, I should admit that I did not play "Seasons."

Phew! Now that the griping is out of the way, I should get to the positives. For one, the graphics were pretty nice. Even the minimalistic design on the corpses' faces was actually pretty cool, in my book. Added to the surrealism just the right amount. Also, the transitions from screen to screen were very smooth. I honestly have not seen that very much - then again, I don't play "room escape" games very often, as they have been beaten to death by the NG community.

I have the settings on my browser set to ask me every single time any sites tries to store information on my computer. Including simple cookie sharing. When I was playing the game, it came up once asking to store information on my computer, which was fine, no biggie, I hit deny. It then proceeded to ask me over and over and over again, and pretty much made the game unplayable. Wish I could have, I liked the graphics. Perhaps it's a bug? I don't know, but it was super annoying.

Nicely done, even if the fishing rod is overused.

this game is amazingly creepy and interesting and i'm only ten years old! :D I'm a you tuber by the way. email me if you want me to do a gameplay of this on Jake.raynis@yahoo.com.

Today I discovered it by chance, and I had to play Seasons. I loved it's extrange logic and it's creepiness.