Reviews for "NG's 20th Anni. Tribute"

Wow, has it really been that long? I first remember being on NG like a decade ago...I'm so glad I found it again after all that time. This was a touching tribute, a great contest prompt, and a good opportunity to say thanks to all you awesome people who make this such a great community!

Sorry I can't help you with any phallic jokes though. Don't worry, I'm sure fellow members will fill the void with good jokes.

RealFaction responds:

aww thank you!

That was such an amazing tribute.
I've been on Newgrounds so long, I've lost all originality in my comments.
Even so, I'm still glad to be a long-standing member of this community.

RealFaction responds:

Haha xD well you can only type so much in that timespan I guess. Thanks!

I have been coming to newgrounds since 1998, back when I was a dumbass at the tender age of 9. Seeing all this brings back a lot of good memories of movies and games that I have played over the years.
Good work keeping the community strong and can't wait to see (or hear) the results of the contest.

RealFaction responds:

ha! thanks!

that was so wonderful dude! so glad to be a part of this awesome community! hopefully newgrounds will last FOREVER!

RealFaction responds:

aww thanks!

Happy 20th anniversary!
I actually didn't know newgrounds had a office like that. Simply awesome.
And to all creators in newgrounds, I MUST thank you. It feels like yesterday since I came here, checked out games, videos, and arts. It is the best platform for encouraging creation, (F*** kon and armor)
Awesome video and hope you keep this.

RealFaction responds: