Reviews for "NG's 20th Anni. Tribute"

My senpai is one of the judges!Phyrnna senpai >ω<

RealFaction responds:

aww lol

Man has it really been 20 years already? I remember when I found newgrounds when I was in middle school and I used to watch a bunch of stick videos. I have seen some amazing series start up and I have played so many games. I remember I used to download a bunch of music from newgrounds and play it on my MP3 on road trips. Well I just hope newgrounds is around for many more years to come. Generations should experience the awesomeness that is newgrounds. Amazing tribute guys and thanks to Tom for giving us all a home to find an amazing community.

I found Newgrounds... shit I don't even remember anymore. I was very interested in animation and huge on those stick movies. Randomly Yahooing (back then) for more cartoons and I found a couple of the best stick related violent content I've ever seen which was on Newgrounds. Xiao Xiao and vastcool's various animations were the ones.

For years I have been visiting Newgrounds on a frequent basis watching it develop but not quite getting involved with the community. This video does capture the special community side of things, something a lurker like myself doesn't often get to see.

Great video.

RealFaction responds:

Awesome! Thanks! I remember that stuff.

German newgrounds user here.
When will someone make a documentary about this awesome project???

( Great work btw :-D newgrounds rocks!!! )

RealFaction responds:


i started my life in newgrounds since i get my first computer i always been here in newgrounds i have seen series that started and ended until the next year i know that maybe nobody will see this but i want to write my thanks for fulp, paladdin, castanon, mindchamber, utah, april fulp, bob, pshicogoldfish, stamper and jeff for make this page this page is look how normal person like me can create great brutal and hilarious things for our entertainment , show that they have talent and that they must continue doing this because that the destiny of all of us: entertain the people.

I must say thanks for all this years of jokes, laugthers and beautiful moments in all the time ive been in here, i wait that tom fulp will continue with this and creating more things like that represent my childhood and my adolescense.

now i want to finish saying:


thanks for the people who read all my mesagge

RealFaction responds:

Awesome! Thanks!