Reviews for "Lit Fuse"

I keep coming back to this song, its so good


Absolutely incredible song. The drums are nice and not overpowering and the synth is absolutely incredible. Gives me the chills, incredible work Cacola. My favourite song for years to come.

I feel like the way you use each sound in this piece is stunning, it really adds to the more laid back feeling that music in 5/4 can have. Speaking of 5/4, this piece uses it very well, it didn't sound like you were trying to force a 4/4 melody into 5/4 at all (which is a trap I find that I fit into when writing in time signatures other than 4/4). The buildups to the drops are done very well, and really sell the feeling of euphoria that the drops themselves convey.

There are a couple things holding me back from giving this a full 5 stars, and that would be that the two drops are a bit too similar. I also feel like I heard a bit of clipping in the second drop, but I'm not too sure if that's what it was.

Overall, this is a fantastic song with only a few minor hiccups. This definitely earned a place in my playlist!

This is your best soundtrack ever! I so love it <3
Please do remake or Lit Fuse II!

Edit: thanks <3

Cacola responds: