Reviews for "Lit Fuse"

Really good though, this sounds like something out of a Pokemon game or something. 9.8/10

Definetly my favourite Newgrounds soundtrack so far. It's energetic, unique, and the length of this just lets you experience so much more of it.

Oh my God I love it.

It sounds so dreamy at first, and then gets hyped up in seconds. It fades back to a dreamy feal very effectively, although some changes are questionable. The bass added on is very well done. The drums are used in a very well done moderation as well, cutting out in nice places. Then it kicked back into full blast unexpectedly and hypes up again.

I just absolutely love this song to bits.

How the hell does a song give aids?

Of all the songs to say are "ugly" (great way to describe sound btw) it's this one?
Not my favorite one of yours but I'd certainly rather listen to this than marshmello.
I do think that the part where the drums come in is extremely loud and kind of out nowhere kind of loud, the build up really doesnt prepare you for how loud the drums truly get. But thats probably because i was listening on full volume.

I'd certainly prefer HELIG KVINNAN or Flower over this but i do appreciate this song as it did introduce me to you

certainly NOT my favorite song from you but not ear torture as some people say (other than listening at full volume that shits LOUD)

(also changing the song to c minor doesnt make it better lmao, it makes it a lot worse)

I finally understand after 3 years why I love this song so much. It's because it's so unique. Each day I would scratch my head wondering why all I could think about was the song (not each day for three years, just for long periods of time). Just how natural you made the 5/4 time sound made me think, "Yeah, this feels normal." Then when I tried to count it (assuming it was in 4/4 because it felt that natural) I realized that it felt strange to count. At that time, I was only 11 and didn't really play around with 5/4 or even 3/4 for that matter. I think that was what pulled my brain so far into this song. It felt like there was a lot of effort put into this to make it sound right. In fact, this music may have subconsciously inspired me recently to make a 5/4 song myself. I want to see more like this. I may not have listened to a lot of music by cacola yet, but you bet your butt that I'm going to get right on it. I know I'm three years late to the party, but there aren't that many in depth comments about this on here. Good sound? Pff. Nah. I'm all about that sweet sweet time signature.