Reviews for "Lit Fuse"

I absolutely love this song, everything about it is amazing. It is so relaxing, and so peaceful, and it is one of my favorite songs of all time that is on newgrounds.

This Song Is Very Good

This song is great! Has a catchy melody, and is extremely nostalgic as well (Were you by any chance inspired by the music in Magician's Quest Mysterious Times?) However, I feel as though you might want to have a bit of variation, otherwise it just seems to get dull after 6 minutes. But the synths are perfect, they fit amazingly. HOW DO YOU DO CHORD PROGRESSIONS SO WELL?!?
Well, anyways, I love this song :P
*keeps trying to figure out the notes to this because I WANT TO PLAY THIS*

Cacola responds:

Thanks for the review! I'm glad you like the track.

Hey if you wanna figure out the notes I can send you a midi file of the track, or just screen cap them

tis iz ausum!

What a great song. At first, I didn't really like it that much... The first time I listened to it, it sounded a bit strange. But now I really like it!

Nice work!