Reviews for "Lit Fuse"

I thought I reviewed this already ;-;
It showed up in my "You might also enjoy:" so I listened to it again.
It gets better everytime :o

Cacola responds:

You're gonna love what I do with it on the album ;-)

*plays Lit Fuse*
Ok level...
*drop begins*

good song btw

I'm surprised i heard this song before Krazyman used it on Geometry Dash...i didn't like it before...now it is one of my favourite songs of all time!! <3

Well. After listening to it once yesterday, I immediately added it to my music collection.

What do I like about this song?
1 The song's progressive "intensity" spectrum
What I mean about this is how the song starts out calm and quickly progresses into the main part, which has a bit more vigour, and it calms down again.

2. The melody
The repetitive melody fits unbelievably well with the rest of the song. It's also creative.

3. The contrast
The contrast between each of the parts in respect to volume and instruments are really one of those things which make the song so good. in my opinion.

The fuse isn't the only thing that's lit... (Yes, I'm saying that the song is lit)