Reviews for "Lit Fuse"

i genuinely love this song! something about it makes me think about cool stuffs and ya... downloaded!


Awesome! Sounds like it was made in the 70's.

Have to say, I am in love with this melody! and the drop is great as well!

probably the best 5/4 track I've heard. (to be fair one of the only 5/4 tracks I've ever heard.) I like how you made it so good considering the time measurement. Surprisingly, i like the calm electro part at the beginning. And the drop.... the drums on that thing tho! I can't stop thinking about the drop on the gd level (creatively named "lit fuse") which only makes the song better. And its so long! Also i can see that this is partially inspired by undertake, i can hear a hint of determination and megalovania in it. GG Cacola!