Reviews for "Lit Fuse"

;3;/ The Best Lit Song Ever It Was Beautiful And It Was Lit ;3;/

it's a good 6-minute tune, and I don't think I can listen to much of it because I'm impatient. Love it when the beat drops. Definitely worth a try in using it for a level. Also sorry if my sort of grammar is incorrect, Grammarly bugs me a lot XD

I think it's the best song for crying ;(

What is this genre?

Cacola responds:

Ehh mostly Electropop/Synthpop, kinda has an Electro House edge to it, some influence from Nu-Disco as well as some Progressive Rock/Progressive Pop. Kinda ripped off a few songs from video games as well, lol, so you can throw that on the pile as well.

I would like that many other songs you did get famous, it's cute to look the most of the comments that appreciate your songs <3