Reviews for "Lit Fuse"

This is amazing. It gives you so many mixed emotions, first excitement, then you begin to feel slightly anxious.... then you start to get chills, and, after a while, it starts to feel kinda depressing.... but when that drop hits.... BOOM!!!! EPICNESS ENGAGED!!!! then afterwards, while you're filled with excitement from the drop... you begin to feel like it's some kind of finale..... I love songs like this. <3

(Too Late But Whatever)
I honestly like this song very much when I came across it, and apparently I have a soft spot for alot of experimental music in the world of Newgrounds, but this right here... Whoa.
(This is probably the part where your supposed to leave a bunch of knowledgeable music craps and the good use of whatever synth and craps, but since Note here don't know how to use them, I just know it sounds good XD)
I honestly love the combination of the sounds here, the beginning was, uh... Interesting, in a good way of course, it was almost trippy, almost ambient (in my opinion), the drop, ;A;/ *bobs head to the rhythm of the cymbals* Hell ye, (Ok, so I'm running out of craps to say so I'll end it off with me rating if it wasn't obvious already...) 5/5!

It's really good, there is a great vibe. the only things I don't like is that the start is too quiet and the part after sounds strange. but apart from that, it is very good

This song is quite interesting. I myself have also tried 5/4 time. When I listened to it on Geometry Dash, I could never get the feel of it until I read the description and you put it in a weird time signature and I was listening to it and whispering "1, 2, 3, 1, 2..." throughout the song. Quite a weird experiment you made so perfectly! ;)

Don't know how I should feel about this, but...
I think I'm aroused?
Also, there's a reason those time signatures aren't spoken of. Something to do with evolution, the math of music, blah blah blah.