Reviews for "Brutal Swing"

This game is great! The game has checkpoints which is the best!

This game is AWESOME! but when i first saw the description, I felt America (Alfred F. Jones) from Hetalia would be an awesome playable character. Maybe even Sasha from Attack on Titan would be fun! this game has great music, weird control (I can't seem to get the farthest bird away from me even if i past the first one.), and good humor 4.5/5

A pretty addicting game with plenty of grind and upgrades! Slick gameplay and graphics, and plenty of obstacles on your aerial pursuit. Overall, a good game!


Killing birds has never been so fun... except that time at the beach

This game is a good start to the month of May. It has that distinctive mobile game feel, and if it isn't already available on apple/android/whatever it probably should be.
Gameplay is solid, art is good, sound isn't too bad (just repetitive).
Although this game doesn't wow me, it has done something simple and fresh, and done it very well.
Good Job.

Just a little note is that more characters would be fun, or reskins or something. Because the current line up is nice but not really my style, or at least has potential for teaking.