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Reviews for "Vanguards 2: Unsung Heroe"

it gets pretty difficult at level 13 great game idea though

Jerry!How dare you poop on my mountain!

Not a bad game. I do not understand all the fuss about the story or the ending.

I mean it is not primordial for that genre of game. It is bonus point if there is one however.
I can recognize the humour typical of kreig13 filling the short conversations between the heroes. It is done cleverly and if not hilarious, it can make you smile a bit.

Very intuitive, I like my flash games when there is only the mouse required to play. I am not here to beat my apm score. Relaxing but also challenging, it invites you to use your brain in some situations. But not too much; I am not looking for a mahjong game or a sudoku. The balance is just right.

What a ending! That song was not so bad after all; I did not feel like muting it.

Good work to you, I am looking forward playing one of your other game sometimes.


The game is too hard sometimes and too easy other times, the last level was a fail (nothing special and you can beat it in first time), the music is cool but repetetive, the history is little dumb at least it is comical, but the end is pure feelings. 5 stars for innovative.

The Game was ok, when you are bored it´s a Choice.
What really surprised me was the Ending. The "Story" was nothing Special, but the Ending *sob*
Really, play it for the EPIC ending.