Reviews for "The Reward: Tales of Alethrion - "The First Hero""


As always you guys rocks our socks off.

that was so amazing! but i dont get the ending

Really good. It's awesome to see original and independent animation like this get the backing it deserves. Super expressive characters and of course amazing animation. It's especially impressive considering this requires somewhat of an attention span. (No dialogue, 20 min long, has it's own lore.) This is very encouraging to me - you guys are doing amazing work. Hope to see more.

I remember that I watched the first episode "Reward" some long time ago (maybe on Youtube or somewhere else) and then I thought how masterful yet simple was your visual storytelling.
Now I've discovered that there is a whole series in the making and this episode (more like prequel) is way better both visually and story wise (at least in my opinion). It is beautifully executed and I loved it more than "Reward" on so many levels.
The only thing the story does not conclude is what happened to the girl? I thought she'd appear at the end, at least as some kind of a passing notion. But she was sort of forgotten. Anyway, I loved this episode and I am very happy to have found you again on NG!
EDIT: Alright, I checked the next episodes and it seems like you have a different story about the girl's adventure! That's awesome, now my question is answered.