Reviews for "The Reward: Tales of Alethrion - "The First Hero""

Again a very good message though very sad. Frankly I was hoping that you would work on this project and i am very happy to see it come to fruition. And I am massively impressed that you can a story so well without the use of words, you connect the whole world with your stories no matter where they're from i love that. Please continue your work and i wish you the best of luck, thank you for your efforts!!!

soooooooooooooo Good. Well done. That mustve been a lot of work. Great score, Climax, and ending. The flashbacks were pleasant, as well as the original setting that they held. More please :D

i promise ill write an actual review once im done, but i paused at 3:22 simply to say... THOSE EYEBROWS!

and ill probably help with the kickstarter :P

The telling of a great story, doesn't need to be told upon fibers of gold.
The real treasure, is within.

Wow. What a stunning animation.