Reviews for "The Reward: Tales of Alethrion - "The First Hero""

Firts comment :,D
Its so biutiful.

first of all, i love the graphics and the sound
then i really like the concept, that they aren't speaking or just that blublala thingy ^^

I would love to see a series outta that ;3

and so much other things I can't tell in english so, yeah ^^
bye ;D

Hmm, he's almost like the human manifestation of the Angry Faic, and... is that a Tank Man in the council there?! :O If these similarities are intentional that'd be pretty cool! Overall though, it's a dark and emotional tale, just like the last one uploaded, but with a darker tone to it. Definitely hope this thing gets kickstarted! The combination of clever scripting, expressive animation, notable characters and no need for actual dialog... it bodes for an exciting show!!


I love it! Specially the dance scene. This is front page!

this looks damn good!!
what a great and professional work, looking forward to see much more of this :)