Reviews for "The Reward: Tales of Alethrion - "The First Hero""

Art was beautiful, animation very smooth, and the story very nice too. I especially liked the way you could pretty well sense what the characters were saying even with the words just being gibberish. I rate 9/10.

The many things that could be said about mankind, we long for what we do not have, yet regret are losses. We will show the best we can offer during are worst. We will believe in things we haven't seen, yet criticize others for theirs. Are greatest strengths can be are ruin, and weaknesses a salvation. We are a hypocrisy in of itself, in are eternal quest for the unkown, and are defeats at are losses. We are human, and only we defy nature as birthright. Yet so many things to be said, just from one animation.

This is....perfection...please make it happen. Words cannot describe the level of epicness contained in this masterpiece. Thanks for delivering such a clash of emotions and feelings through this amazing series.

by far one of the best animations ive seen on ng, loved all the references. good luck on the kickstarter, this needs to become a series.

Holy shat. Honestly, there was not a single scene of this that did not blow me away. My one hope is that the lack of verbal dialog will continue. I love that you chose to show the story through only the actions of the characters and the world itself.

For instance, the distant lands and the different geography shown gives me the idea that there will be quite a lot to this world the story takes place in. And the gods? That scene was amazing. I can already tell that this will be one of the coolest "adventure" series I've seen in a while if it gets off the ground.

The animation is spectacular! It's so fluid and dynamic. I quite like the style you guys have got going here. It reminds me somewhat of Manga/Anime but with a heavy-handed western influence. I'm not an artist or an animator so that may not make sense, heh. But regardless, the animation was amazing and so were the backgrounds/painted scenes.

Also, the music is one of the coolest things about this. I mean, really. Kudos to the musicians. It's so playful and varied, and has so many touches of 60's and 70's classic rock in it when the guitars enter. Also, the vocalist's style and the sound on his vocal track reminds me of Jerry Garcia. Do I detect a hint of Grateful Dead influence? Hmm hmm!

Put simply, you guys have blown me away with this. I will definitely be supporting this whenever I get a chance to do so.