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Reviews for "The Reward: Tales of Alethrion - "The First Hero""

This is by far the most AWESOME movie that has ever been released on Newgrounds! It even surpasses the original "The Reward" by a small margin.

I mean, the animation in itself is nearly as professional as a japanese animation, but with A LOT more originality and "soul".

And the story! THE STORY!! The very word "epicness" had to be revised after having looked at this. It's obvious that you truly cared about the characters you created, a part of yourself had to go into this story, and you embraced it to the fullest.

All thumbs and big toes up for you !

Art was beautiful, animation very smooth, and the story very nice too. I especially liked the way you could pretty well sense what the characters were saying even with the words just being gibberish. I rate 9/10.

The many things that could be said about mankind, we long for what we do not have, yet regret are losses. We will show the best we can offer during are worst. We will believe in things we haven't seen, yet criticize others for theirs. Are greatest strengths can be are ruin, and weaknesses a salvation. We are a hypocrisy in of itself, in are eternal quest for the unkown, and are defeats at are losses. We are human, and only we defy nature as birthright. Yet so many things to be said, just from one animation.

This is....perfection...please make it happen. Words cannot describe the level of epicness contained in this masterpiece. Thanks for delivering such a clash of emotions and feelings through this amazing series.

by far one of the best animations ive seen on ng, loved all the references. good luck on the kickstarter, this needs to become a series.