Reviews for "The Reward: Tales of Alethrion - "The First Hero""

now i know why this is #1 place on newgrounds, this is the best cartoon i have ever seen on ng im sure of that 100%, the classic style was extremely enjoyable, the humor sublime and story enthralling. 5/5 10/10 100/100

TalesofAlethrion responds:

Thank you! So awesome to read such positive feedback!

IS THERE GOING TO BE A PART 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE TELL ME THERE IS GOING TO BE A PART 2!! >_< This was amazing!

TalesofAlethrion responds:

We are doing a Kickstarter to finance more episodes : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1862188728/tales-of-alethrion-season-one
For mow one episode has been funded, we really hope we can make more. We also on the Kickstarter page, ask people to vote for the character they want to see in the next episode, for now Amerath is leading but the campaign is not over yet so let´s see :)

I love you SunCreature Studios. You guys really inspire me to not give up and give it your all. Thank You.

I didn't even finished watching, and I know this is a fantastic animation. I remember The Reward, why would it be any less?

From story, through sound, finishing at animation, everything is so wonderful and enchanting. This deserves six stars.

I do hope you will make it into a series, you have great ideas and a team that showed it's capable of pulling this off. Keep the pace!

Never expected more from the first masterpiece, let alone a prequel that far outmatched the first one.
You guys are my inspiration!!!