Reviews for "The Reward: Tales of Alethrion - "The First Hero""

Amazing, clean animation and lovely storytelling about the hidden room with treasure.

The only objection I have is that YOU KILLED Shovel Knight and Tankman!

They have done it again. Another truly amazing animation from truly amazing storytellers. I hope I can tell a great tale through animation as good if not better than these amazing people in the future. If you got half an hour to kill, highly suggest you watch this.

Their style and methods of storytelling, arguably, are unparalleled for an indie group. They have the passion and ability to make beautiful stories and worlds, I truly hope their kickstarter gets 1000% funded because goddamnit this is fucking gold and needs to be seen and shared everywhere. No matter what language you speak, this story will make sense and can be understood, the emotions are true and aren't pushed to being made. Meaning that this is genuine beauty.

I'm still in tears because this was so goddamned amazing.

this animation was given an incredible rating. i watched it and felt that rating was indeed deserved. i think the story telling captivates you emotionally and i feel like it was genuine and engaging. it really makes me hope that there are more though because it feels like a small part of a larger puzzle, but i cant criticize you for that because you have the intention of progressing this into a series. please do and you'll have me as an avid fan!

Holy shit... is this the prequel we have been waiting for? Holy fuck, some backstory. If only the protagonist didn't randomly rob and murder people...

Really good. It's awesome to see original and independent animation like this get the backing it deserves. Super expressive characters and of course amazing animation. It's especially impressive considering this requires somewhat of an attention span. (No dialogue, 20 min long, has it's own lore.) This is very encouraging to me - you guys are doing amazing work. Hope to see more.