Reviews for "The Reward: Tales of Alethrion - "The First Hero""

I see my own reflex in the end battle,just this time,passing through some adversity,meybee for the crisis of twentyseven idk really well..
i see tankman guy and dad,sure a inspiration of johny yuta and some char of NG,and a representation of yisus whit iluminati simbol is really amazing,this will to be an animation for all times,and memorable.

I clicked on this expecting something lasting a few minutes that would make me smile and forget about moments later. Instead, I watched something truly epic, amazing, and absolutely stunning that I have shared with several people already and will be watching many times over. Imagery, sound effects, music, and more.. all wondrous!

wow that was awesome!! :D

that was great!

Not a fault to mention, thoroughly love this and this studio's other works so far! Kickstarter really is a great thing :D
Loved the opening especially, what a beautiful sky, interesting contrast of peace and calm before death and destruction haha. A good narrative of the powers of greed vs love, both can be very strong! It's surprising how many will get overcome by greed when faced with the prospect of a simple x on a map! :) Some will make it there, some will not. I wonder how many other intriguing stories can burst forth from this setting.