Reviews for "A Taste of Turtle Power"

It's quite good, granted entirely one sided, but that's explained in the end :P
The penis is a tad bit too thick yes, if going for a more turtle one, as you seem to have skipped going human. It just ought to be thin and long xP Still, had some quite impressive movements in this, while others were a bit sloppy hehe.

You could practice detail a bit though, especially vulvae wise. It looked quite flat.
But overall, your work is qutie good. Can say it could be interesting to see you branch outside norms and stereotypes perhaps, as one sided, bland content can be fun, but when it's all you do it can get a bit monotone :P

But yeah, all and all, it's rather good looking. But as said; Could be neat if you'd branch out some.

's right, nice details with the juices running down the leg. But there was none running down the shaft or over the full mound come on man.

I rate it 9/11

really like how her stomach bulges everytime he thrusts in. Excellent animation. Much yogurt was produced :)
5/5 favorited will watch numerous times.

AAAHHH my dick is to hard, and I'm in public... HELP ME