Reviews for "A Taste of Turtle Power"

Great as always and enjoyed how you did the ending like the real episodes. Poor Donatello like usual. Got plans for another TMNT? Maybe the real deal this time and Casey is with April, and Donatello is stuck sobbing at the sight?

great finish to april month !

Your cruel I Love it

I'll give it 5/5 for a few reasons.
- I actually like your art style. It's simple, clean cut and you make it work.
- You do an amazing job on the audio portion. A lot of other artists half ass it.
- Obviously the animation itself is on point, however, the fact that you add multiple camera angles and include panning shots is amazing. I hate seeing just one or two static shots or a looped animation.
- You give me hope for hentai artists.

I really hope that you'll make a game sometime soon. (Hopefully with the same, if not similar, art style and animations.) Because watching an animation is fun and all but I feel like playability ends up attracting a larger audience. (If you're into that kinda thing.)

wet dreams! {´°U´°}