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Reviews for "On a Spring day"

RIP Berds

Beautiful. I love the music and the way you involved it in the animation. The background was amazing, especially the way the trees were zoomed in on when the birds were flying in the beginning. 5/5, favorited. Keep on keepin' on, buddy.

the art was stunning but it could be even better if was only like 5-10 seconds longer ^^

Those lighting effects were awesome and your line work is beautiful. Great job! Can't wait t see more.

plz make a tutorial on youtube on how u created this animation...there are lot of things that can be learned from this clips....its awesome!

Extellus responds:

I'm not sure there would be much to tell. :S The birds and the grassy plane at the beginning are the only things done frame by frame, everything else is just a tween of an object painted in Photoshop. =/