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Reviews for "On a Spring day"

When do you start your job at Studio Ghibli?

Extellus responds:

Lmao ;D

The background seems as if there was a lot of time but into it making me question the deadline, while still short, It is expected from such high-quality art, animation and music, for a deadline of course, only wish I had the time to create something as good as this masterpiece

I can tell you've spent WAY more time doing the backgrounds than the animation. It popped out so much, that I was almost expecting a full on story, with voice actors and hardcore sound effects. We did get some beautiful animation to go along with it though. The camera work was good also. I will say that you could've squeezed a story within this minute of beautiful art!

I'm giving this 4 stars simply because of how beautiful it looked. It seemed professional, like something out of a Miyazaki film.
Also, I originally thought the music was from Banjo Kazooie, so that's another plus.

Animation is beautiful, but short on story and lacking a point. It was enjoyable to watch anyway. I guess this is purely for visuals?

You can't ask for better visuals on newgrounds. It was athmospheric, colorful, and well coordinated. The flying simulation hooked and engaged me from the beginning. This immersion, however, was interrupted by the rather confusing ending. Did they just crash and burn? Or did they retire into a snuggle after a riveting flight?

I assume its the latter, so presentation went down a grade. This part should have been clearer.

3.5 stars for excellent