Reviews for "Dia De Los Muertos"

Great art as always, but it's a really sad art indeed

Siento mucho tu pérdida, no me puedo imaginar el dolor de perder a un ser querido como a tu hermano.. ojalá todo vaya mejorando para vos

Debe ser muy duro perder a un ser querido, perdon por lo que le paso

Esto, es arte puro.

May god sent him to heavn and may he rest in peac

Real talk.
You loved him, you cared for him, and now, he is gone and you weren't prepared for that. It was supposed to be a different moment, but it all happened too early and maybe you wish you could have done certain things for him before he left. But you didn't.

As a common citzen of basically anything, I put my hat down.
For what it's worth, I am sorry.