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Reviews for "Bubble shooter Archibald"

Honestly, this wasn't half bad! It seems like a game that would be awesome if it was mobile. It wasn't extremely addicting, but it was addicting enough to get me hooked for about 2 or 3 hours. I also like how the pirate will knock on the screen if you go AFK, and how he will react to you shooting him. Wasn't outstanding, but it wasn't awful either. Good job!

This is a cute little game!

Haven't played a pop-the-bubble game in a long time! Just as fun as last I remembered it, with plenty of variation in levels and a good balance between grind and reward, powers and all, there's a to keep you playing. Good game!


The game is well stylized, and neatly put together.
Although this isn't much new in the world of games, it has a job and does it well.

A novel feature for this /let's call it a sub-genre/ is the gravity mechanic.
Balls swing down or around and stick to other balls where possible. An interesting side effect of this is that, after hitting multiple bubbles, balls may fall back down (I do not know if this is intentional). Swinging balls can add an new urgency/annoyance to this sub-genre.

I wouldn't consider this much special, but I could probably kill some time with this game.
3.25 stars would probably be my rating if it were allowed. Good Job