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Reviews for "TheLastGuardian"

the game is good but killing 1000 enemies seems a bit more time consuming than I have time for,

good game, except I do not like having to restart the game when I die!!

I like this game. The upgrades work, the skill's are fun. Good job!

JoacoSaralegui responds:


I like the concept and I really don't want to be that guy.. but I feel like the difficulty increases a lot compared to the amount of exp received in order to survive the next wave. Of course it's supposed to be challenging, but it might cause players to rage quit before even getting a good understanding of the game. A practice mode could be an option?
On a positive note, I really like the addition of a power bar and the variety of powers included (Q, W and E). With those, I suggest adding the option of not having to click to aim, whereas instead, when pressing the button Q button for example the arrow would fire in the direction of the cursor.
Lastly, the amount of exp earned per round seemed to vary a lot. When playing the first round, I seemed to receive between 150 to 250 exp. I wasn't sure if it was intentional (giving the game a luck factor) or not, but it seemed annoying mainly because exp is so precious at the beginning. :P

I still enjoyed it, and I look forward to any possible update! :)
(also I didn't notice any spelling mistakes :P)

JoacoSaralegui responds:

Thats some great piece of advice. I will work today to make the game easier but still challenging and enjoyable. About the experience, theres a random factor on the amount of enemieds that appear every time they spawn. From killing them is from where you get your score, so if the enemy amount is 8 you will have 200 exp points, but if they are 10, then you get 250.

Ill do my best to improve it and thanks a lot for the advice!


Simple but okay. It's a straightforward system. I didn't calculate dps on either upgrade, but I'm guessing high damage is best just as long as I can land shots. That sounds like a good deal. The combat is also simple but a challenge to keep up. The transition to night wasn't very visible in the art, but the enemies got a lot more numerous and durable, so that was clear enough.

The ending felt strange. You were imaginative enough to try something other than Game Over, which is nice, but getting "another try" was pretty much a reboot, which was a cold and abrupt smackdown. But I kept trying. It took about half an hour to get both LV3 upgrades, and that felt good.

It's a fun little shooter, and even if the enemy rush is hectic, the mood and music are calm. Nice.

JoacoSaralegui responds:

Thanks! Really helpful advices that im going yo use for the secuel of the game