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Reviews for "Make It Go Away"


This is so good!

Alright, I'm not gonna lie, this is 100 times better than I was expecting. Your voice is gorgeous and extremely unique. I get a Taylor Swift in Safe and Sound combined with Gwen Steffani vibe, which is not a combination I'd ever thought I'd have the privilege to witness.
Cinematic is the exact correct category to store this song. I can perfectly imagine your melodies drifting over a city landscape, and I know that's difficult to achieve.
Regarding your mixing and use of audio, I think you have a very good understanding of auido programs. I personally would back off the background treble a little to have the main melody be a tad more prominent. There were areas, specifically towards the end, where back voices cut through a little too much in my opinion. However, if you were going for a duet vibe, I would layer them closer together so they have a matching beat. It was almost as if the melody started on beat one, and the duet came in on the "and" of three, which is a little awkward. However, your intonation was fab.
Regarding your song writing, I think you have a real talent. Next time, however, I would put a little more passion into your lyrics. You have all the right ingredients- a great voice, a good understanding of melodic structure, great programming- but without that passion, your music can come off as more amature-ish than it is. I would recommend having a clear message in mind before you begin writing. That helps me keep more focused.
What I get out of this particular song is the idea of memory being dangerous, like the Joker's Speech in The Killing Joke. I really like the idea and direction of your writing. Again, I would just personally like to see a bit more focus.
Your harmony is astounding. I don't even have a critique there. It's just soothing, yet intense, yet powerful, yet beautiful- just.... very well done.
In conclusion, I think you have an exuberant amount of talent. I think with a little more focus and direction, you could really hone your abilities to keep creating even better music.
Thank you!

hania responds:

Thank you so much for your insight on the song! :D I'd love to hear music you've created to see what you're talking about in terms of mixing/mastering too! PM me some of your musical work!! Maybe we can collab sometime! Thanks again for enjoying the track :D

Just beautiful, I like how you perform with your voice. Everytime I hear you singing, I can lean back and listen to your music and this one here is no exception, but a validation.

This is perfect.