Reviews for "Space Man"


This is amazing!!

lmao, he's really got the power! :D Loved the surreal and inspiring introduction here, the superhero transcending the realms of the universe to become one with all that is life and existence... hope he finds room in some other clan of international superpowered saviors! Nice work.


Great animation and voices for this short flash. And man, I hear that guy with the space bar can really jump!

It was weird to not see something Pico-related here. Well, you're still topical with the Avengers! I love the animation. It has been too long since you submitted a cartoon. I was in no way expecting that joke. I guess if he really is that much more powerful, he deserves to be an Avenger.

The idea of a space man does seem like a pretty original idea. I'm sure there's already a superhero for it somewhere. While short, it got its message. I liked the end where it showed your other work. Uh, happy Pico Day?