Reviews for "Pico's School Reunion"

i ham having a bug problem the second i try playing it, im still outside with the door. nothing will allow me to click into the school

a lot of bug ..

i accidentally voted 2, i meant to vote 5 crap

too glitchy, i had to start over twice

I can't figure out the locker part and I am stuck. I guess it's just a pretty difficult game. Its got great graphics and the story looks amazing. I wish I could run in the game because walking around it pain staking when you have to walk all the way around school to look for clues and can't find any. Controls aren't really the best, and some technical flaws that I wont get into that just make me roll my eyes but if it saved it have some replay value for me, but at this point I am bored of it. Just give me a clue, what is the locker combination! Where do I find the code? Just wondering.