Reviews for "Pico's School Reunion"

What if I told you...I actually saw that one coming.
Nice game man...I'm not sure about the bugs the people been talking about though...

i reached the end and... great. now i have a goddamn m. night shamalamadamadingdongdeng face on my profile medals list.

i hate that fuckin face. now i have to play some games and get at least 10 medals to take that goddamn face off of my profile.

I can't get the locker to pop. I've done everything I saw in the video and am indeed pressing down. Not sure what I'm doing wrong?

how do you get the lighter

Minor glitches like no clipping off the screen or dialog that gets stuck on your screen, but other than that it's a pretty neat short game.
Tip: Give Nene the board BEFORE giving her the tie when fixing her leg. Usually glitches the game if you give her the tie before the board, which does not allow you to progress until you refresh.