Reviews for "Pico's School Reunion"

so yeah .... i have no idea how to move or use things

I had a little difficult time at the start because I didn't know how to interact with the objects apart from the mouse. I just thought it up until 5 minutes later. It has a good amount of difficulty and te story is quite intriguing. I liked it.

OK, all in all, it was a rather decent game, although the ending ruined most of it (I'll explain later). Apart from that, the problems with the game were mainly gameplay-related.

First of all, the label for the menu "options" is misleading, because there is only one option there, namely the volume of the music. Everything else was instructions or controls. I didn't check the options menu before starting the game, because I assumed that it would still be accessible during the game, and then I had to waste time guessing how to control the character, or how to open the door to the school. I guessed that pressing "p" would bring up some menu, but that menu only mentioned the control for movement, not for interaction. That's the first point of criticism.

Then, about interaction. It's really confusing that sometimes, you have to be on a specific side of an object to interact with it. For instance, the trolley in the room you wake up in after the blackout. If you press the space bar while standing behind it, nothing happens, so you are misled into believing that you can't interact with this object. Another example is the table in the leftmost room, where you have to stand to its left to be able to interact with it. I had to use the walkthrough to find out that you can even interact with it. Maybe it would be better also to make the other two tables interactive, because there's nothing that indicates that the rightmost table is interactive when the other two aren't.

Another thing: It's slightly annoying that, when you try to use an inventory item on an interactive object, pressing space bar not only advances/removes the text that comes up, but at the same time triggers the text that also comes up when you normally try to interact with that object.

The puzzles were ok. Having a screwdriver lying around right next to the vent you already know you're going to have to use it on isn't terribly original, nor does it make it seem believable that Pico was locked in the room with the intention of him not being able to get out, but at least there was no reason why that screwdriver shouldn't have been lying there.

And finally, about that "twist" at the end. Yeah, I didn't see that coming. But that's not necessarily a good thing. There are twists that, while possibly being unexpected, make perfect sense and also go together with everything that has happened before. They are great because they enhance the consistency and thereby the quality of the whole work. Then there are twists that, while making sense, don't really have anything to do with whatever happened before, a bit like a deus ex machina. They are a bit weaker. And then there are twists that are unexpected simply because they contradict what happened before. They yield one moment of surprise followed by disappointment, because whatever has happened before is rendered moot, just for the sake of a twist. This is the case here. The protagonist reading the letter in the car on his way to the party doesn't make sense. The protagonist getting himself drugged doesn't make sense. The protagonist waking up in a locked room and being talked to by a mysterious stranger over the radio doesn't make sense. Convict going through all the hassle just to get Darnell and Nene to the secret place doesn't make sense, he could have done it in the first place without relying on the very slim chance that Darnell ends up in the only locker with a lock and Nene breaking a leg. Etc.

I thought the music and graphics were good, controls were ok (apart from what I've written above).

what a twist never would of guessed

Good game